3- 5 years old

Let’s Have Fun

The Tiger Tennis 3 to 5 program is a fun way to get children old active through playing. Yes, PLAYING!

We believe children learn through playing.  Our class is movement based with over 60 lessons to teach children the basics of tennis such as the forehand, backhand, and volley. Our use of foam and red balls, which are slower and lower bouncing accelerates the child’s learning curve and they will become more proficient at a quicker pace.

No racket is required as we supply the appropriate kid’s sized rackets.

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Tiger Tennis Benefits

Children learn tennis skills in an engaging, warm, and safe environment.
All children participate……No children left on sidelines
To meet their social and athletic needs, two age groups are available (3-6 or 7-14)
No racket, no problem.
We supply rackets

Our Team

Walter Giacometti
Walter Giacometti
Walter is a born and raised New Yorker, living most of his life in Fresh Meadows, NY.
Courtney Tham
Courtney Tham
Tiger Tennis Instructor
I’m 20 years old. I’ve been born and raised into a tennis family, my parents and siblings all play.
Christopher Charles
Christopher Charles
Tiger Tennis Instructor
Christopher grew up in Valley Stream and he has been playing tennis from the age of 4, not only was a Christopher an avid tennis player but he...
Robbie Frischling Sosman
Robbie Frischling Sosman
Tiger Tennis Instructor
As a lifelong tennis player, Robbie made the seamless transition to coaching while studying at Hunter College.
Michael Lopez
Michael Lopez
Tiger Tennis Instructor
I have been playing tennis since the age of 4. I’ve played at different sites all over queens.


very good coaches

Saidi Saleh12/1/2017

The coaches at Tiger Tennis are very patient yet firm and very professional.... My 8 yr old and I enjoy and have no complaints to attend classes...... which is a good sign!

Sheryll Ritch11/4/2017

Very nice director, who is passionate about tennis. Instructors are young, energetic and know how to connect with kids. Manhasset location is beautiful. I wish they could expand closer to where I live. Can't wait to try LIU Post Summer Camp for my daughter

Justyna Zabinska-LaMonica10/28/2017

Have you got another child?



6 years and above