7 Summer Activities to Keep the Kids Occupied

//7 Summer Activities to Keep the Kids Occupied

Summer is finally here, and that means summer fun and activities for the kids!

Of course here at Tiger Tennis we encourage you to get involved with our fun and interactive children’s classes and camps. They’re sure to get the kids loving tennis. However, there is more summer fun to be had beyond our camp and class hours.

Nowadays, there’s always the ongoing debate of how kids are playing outside less and less. It’s something we blog about frequently, and it is a reality.

Of course parents want their kids to be active. After all, exercise is one of the biggest parts of a healthy lifestyle. But how do we get American kids back outside into the yards and playgrounds?

One answer is Tiger Tennis :). But like I said earlier, there are other hours in the day, and sitting in front of a TV can only do the kids so much good.

To combat any summer boredom or complacence the kids might experience, here are 7 activities for them to try from June to August:

1.Soccer & Basketball

Rather than milk this list to being longer than it has to, I figured I’d pair these two together. Throwing a soccer ball into the yard and encouraging them to play is almost a guaranteed hit. It’s one of those things that requires little skill and sparks maximum fun.

Likewise, bringing them to the nearest hoop to put shots up is another mind-entrancing way to pass the time. It’s amazing what a single sports ball can do….
Getting the creative juices flowing not only helps brain development; it passes the time, too. Whether rain or shine, inside or outside, having the kids color or paint will keep them occupied for hours. Even a lot of the older kids love to do it. It’s timeless.
3. Movies at Home
The theater works too, but tickets could be pricy and home is convenient. Just like coloring or painting, watching a movie is a captivating activity that most kids will be on board for. Try it out and pass a couple of hours that need passing.
4. Cooking
If a parent or guardian is around to help out, some supervised cooking fun is an awesome way to keep the kids active. Not only will they be learning valuable skills–even cooking simple stuff like pasta, chicken or rice–but they’ll be given a purpose for the evening! Cooking dinner for yourself and others is a fleeting, but important, accomplishment.
5. Board Games
Perfectly punny, board games are great for when the kids are bored. Whether it’s Monopoly or Risk or The Game of Life, board games are perfect post-game activities for the kids. After a long day on the court, a board game is sure to keep the kids occupied!
6. Software Production Learning
Since computers and smartphones are ever-relevant, why not have the kids get into good habits using them? That’s where Adobe Creative Suite comes in.
With student discounts available, the whole package of video, photo, and other editing software goes for about $20 a month. Prepare them for the future–whether it be for a career or for fun–and get to creating! (I promise this is a suggestion on my own accord and not an ad). http://www.adobe-students.com/creativecloud/buy/students.html?sdid=KKTHH&mv=search&s_kwcid=AL!3085!3!194325749409!e!!g!!adobe%20creative%20suite&ef_id=Vz8itwAABNiXHv33:20170609144340:s
7. Reading
Not even insinuating that you should make this a forced activity. However, putting a good book on the table (maybe one with a nice cover?) can see the kids diving into another world and passing time critically. I don’t even need to spell out the benefits of this idea.
Trying to get kids active isn’t always easy, but it’s definitely a worthy effort. If you’re ever having trouble doing so, one of these suggestions is bound to work.

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