At the Tiger Tennis Academy our specialty are beginners. We are the Academy where beginners play. We say that because we see it happen with our own eyes each and every day. Our goal is to make your child successful quickly. We notice after just 4 or 5 group lessons that children 5 and 6 years old start to make contact with the ball and start hitting the ball back with a partner and the thrill in their eyes is just amazing.

The Tiger Tennis Academy offers the opportunity for all children to learn the basics of tennis by instructing them through fun and educational training programs based on USTA Tennis Standards (United States Tennis Association)

A great reason why the children are successful is our staff. Many other programs have older instructors teaching very young children but we have a young staff with plenty of playing experience and knowledge and their ability to connect with the children is a great advantage that we offer. When the kids feel comfortable and connect with their instructors the learning flows.

The Tiger Tennis Academy is attentive to children, but also is also parent-friendly with locations near your home. We currently offer classes in Manhattan, Queens, and Nassau County with new locations opening soon.

Did you know that 31.9% of children aged 2 to 11 are considered obese by the CDC. The obesity epidemic is real. With so much time spent on a phone or tablet and many schools that have cut their physical time, many of our children have lost interest in sports. It is so important in today’s modern world that we keep children active through sport and return active children because active children are healthy children and you and your family will be happy too.

Active Kids, Healthy Kids and Happy Family

Active kids mean children who play sport and establish great relationships with their friends
Healthy kids or healthy children who are comfortable both in body and mind, acquiring security and friendships without feeling left out
Happy family because you will see your child is feeling good and having fun and your life is easier because we have a location near you.

  • Tennis Classes for Kids in Manhattan, Queens, and Nassau
  • Choose a location, day, and time that is convenient for you

  • Three age groups are available (3-5, 6-9 and 10-14)
  • Children learn tennis skills in an engaging and safe environment.
  • All children participate……No chid left on sidelines

  • No tennis racket- not a  problem. We supply rackets!

Walter Giacometti the founder of Tiger Tennis Academy

Discover our academy and the guarantee we offer you

Tiger Tennis Academy is a proud member of the United States Tennis Association.

100% Guarantee Money Back


What Moms and Dads Are Saying

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What Moms and Dads Are Saying

testimonial tiger tennis academy
testimonial tiger tennis academy
testimonial tiger tennis academy
testimonial tiger tennis academy
Read our reviews