For the Love of the Game

It goes without saying that we at Tiger Tennis just absolutely love the game of tennis. That’s why we do this with the kids, we’re excited to teach them about the sport we all love so much. There’s the cardio, the healthy competition, refining of technique, and the personal development that comes from a sport where it’s just you against your opponent. Tennis has been referred to as boxing without gloves. All of this is part and parcel of the tennis experience and having a sport that really means a lot to you is vitally important to a healthy, active life.

Our approach at Tiger Tennis is not to be hard on the kids and make them hate the game by pushing them too hard to be competitive or skilled. What we really strive for at this young age is F-U-N. We want them to learn all about the game of tennis and to develop an appreciation for it while they learn the game and techniques. That’s how you carry it on into the future. Our students have an absolutely wonderful time in class each week and, let’s be honest, there’s nothing better than the sound of children laughing and having fun.  It’s what we live for here at the Tiger Tennis Academy.

Our tigers are taught to enjoy the game and have as much fun as possible, while still learning the rules and technique that will help them excel at the sport itself. We also encourage parents to be involved by practicing at home, ask them about what they learned, and just simple drills to enhance the experience.  It’s great to see how quickly they pick up different aspects of play when they’re having a good time with friends and classmates.

If you have even the slightest curiosity about our program, call us to chat. We love to share the enthusiasm that we cultivate in our school with interested families in our local neighborhoods. Come give the class a try and see what a great time your son or daughter has with the other tigers.  They’ll be begging to come back for more!

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